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Add a touch of nature into your concrete apartments and call it a Home!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

With the current lifestyle we all lead in general , everything has become technology driven and artificially sculptured

Home is where we return to every night after being exploited by this fast paced life , technology , pollution and adulteration! Hey , its not all so bad afterall ..but don’t we all look forward to the cosy , comfortable and clean vibe of our homes to unwind in?! Yes that is exactly what I am here to address. Making a few negligible alterations and additions to your home can actually uplift your home vibe , which in return will help its residents feel better , happier , healthier and more productive.

Our folks at home do this job remarkably in the emotional zone , but there is something as the visual impact and vibe creation which when done well boosts our moods and minds in a positive way. You must have already read articles which read and direct you to declutter , keep clean , organize etc . Yes all of that there is , but have you heard of how adding greens and natural elements liven up spaces ,bring a sense of calm along with many other advantages and hey, look very aesthetic too! With green décor becoming the latest trend in design , I decided to share some quick tips showing how you can bring a sneak peak of nature into your everyday routine and your lovely abode!

- House Plants for Table Tops

Live plants are a great , inexpensive and quick way to liven up any room ! Decorating your table top ( centre table , corner table , consoles , dinning table etc) with even tiny house plants instantly gives out a warm vibe in any setup . Choose a simple vase in a solid colour matching the décor of your space or go in for a decorative and funky looking one , the greens sitting in them are sure to do their trick! Don’t worry u don’t need to be afraid of killing them ! There are a variety of house plants available that are extremely easy to maintain. Plants like succulents , airplants , aloevera , bamboo etc demand very less water , can manage to grown in low-light , don’t get infected with pests and almost easily adapt to their surrounding. All in all they make for a great makeover for your interiors and moods!

Adding a set of scented candles , a photo frame or just an artifact can instantly spruce up the décor of your room and make it inviting and pleasing to look at! Got a corner table or a mid-height unit against a wall? Place a painting resting against the wall on such a table top , with some house plants around it. The greens and the canvas colours will bring out a magical vibrancy to your otherwise dull room!

-Dress up your windows!

How nice would it be to see a real little garden growing right outside your window and have your cup of chai breathing in freshness thus created with beautiful plants! You could have a nice mix of beautiful flowers such as Zinnia , petunia , carnations , hibiscus etc along with creepers and some big plants like palms. Basil is also one plant which can be easily grown outdoors in a small pot. It also has medicinal properties and helps purify air , thus improving air quality.

You could also have a row of hanging plants that will further beautify the view of your windows or balconies.

Growing your own harvest of home grown vegetables can serve both purposes – enjoying organic and chemical free vegetables , while also having something to flaunt about and make your windows look fresh and beautiful all at the same time! Carrots , Green beans , lettuce , spinach , tomatoes are a few amongst many vegetables that can be grown in a pot right outside your windows. Just get the right directions to grow them and get started!

- Light up the corners!

Quite a few corners go unnoticed in our homes and rather tend to become dumping corners for unwanted stuff. These corners not only spoil the look and feel of our homes but also add to the dust that lingers on the seldom used things dumped in there! Adding a planter contrary to these dumping piles will instantly liven up such dead corners and will also uplift positivity which is lost otherwise with stagnant pilings. Go ahead and select plants that grow tall, just make sure you have enough room to accommodate their height. Plants of about 3’ to 7’ height make for good indoor plants. Whether you have ample sunlight coming into your homes , or very little there are a variety of plants to choose from that will thrive in your homes , thus making it a beautiful and pleasant home for you to stay in. Live plants also help in improving the air quality in your homes. Studies show that the leaves and roots of live plants take up pollutants, and store them in their tissues thus purifying the air surrounding them to some extent.

You could select from a variety of plants available such as palms, corn plants , bamboo etc. Palm itself has many types and make for a pretty tropical vibe easy to pull of in any décor .

-Play along vertically , with Vertical garden walls

The possibilities are just endless when it comes to vertical gardens. Whether it is an outdoor space like a window or a balcony , or your main entrance wall or just any indoor wall …just add some greens and let them do the talking! If you have very little floor space to play with , Vertical gardens are the way for you ,to add greens to your homes and make them wonderfully eye-catching! Interestingly there are many DIY hacks to do so. I am infact working on one such blog about DIY vertical gardens and hope to share it soon with all you lovely people!

Hang some beautiful terraniums in glass pots , or simply nail them the pots on to the wall ! Adding a few photo frames and functional bits such as pin boards etc to these arrangements can make a big difference and make your walls much more fun and interesting. Stay tuned as I prepare the perfect guide to vertical gardens for you in my upcoming posts!

-The Artificial Approach

If you are someone , not too inclined of adding natural greens but still want to add the fresh colour and vibe to your home …I have just the right alternative for you! Artificial plants and wall claddings make for a fast growing market today! Not only do they look as natural as possible if selected well , but are also very easy to maintain. Grass carpets , green meshes , artificial plants etc have become a popular choice for designers when it comes to bringing the outside , inside through designs. One could use such carpets also known as turf for indoor floorings , walls etc and also have vertical garden walls beautifully customized for your space with a mix of plants in different forms and even colours. All in all these artificial alternatives for plants make for a good looking and easy to maintain décor element in any space.

Hope this write up and illustrations were helpful to you all. Write down below In the comments section , if you want to know something more or the topics you would like to read about. Till then keep shining and dreaming and decorating your rooms with love and laughter!

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