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Intrigued by the name of my blog?! Here is a little about me - "The Colourful Tigress"

Hi all my lovelies! I am an Interior Designer by profession and passion. Luckily for me I chose my passion as my profession! I entered the creative world as a professional in the year 2013, while my passion had me in here since the time I can remember of anything. My journey from being a dreamer , an imaginator when I was a little girl to actually being able to visualize and create mine and my clients dreams has been an interesting one! My inclination towards designing and creating magical spaces lured me to start my career sooner rather than later ; and that was at 19 for me. Having worked under skilled professionals for around 4 years and a little more I knew it was about time when I took a leap of faith and started my independent practice 2 years ago under the name INNOVER BY SAKSHI GEHANI

Here is a little about my interests apart from "my first love - design" ..I am an avid reader , an absolute movie buff and dancing makes my soul happy! Training to learn the guitar , I have also almost discovered a streak of writing poems recently. A public speaker since school days , I now share my thoughts through my heartfelt poems. My lovee for dogs and animals is too apparent to go unnoticed , is what I am always told !

While my folks named me ‘Sakshi’ , I like to call myself ‘The Colourful Tigress’. Focused and fierce yet caring towards her tribe as a tigress , I am also a soul of many vibrant shades hoping to colour the lives I touch wherever this journey takes me!

Hope you all enjoy this journey with me , as I bring to you all-things design , interior tips(as that is what I know best) , my experiences and hopefully my poems too!

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