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Lights , Cuts and Action...!

Lights are an integral part of any space I design.. Lights have the intangible ability to bring out an immediate emotion or a mood .Cosy and relaxed ,bright and positive OR Luxurious and elegant JUST get the right lighting and the mood is set.

It is like the magical touch to any design. The best of designs fall flat if lights are not well played with , while the most subtle and humble designs are enhanced with the correct lighting.

I personally love this passage I had designed for one of my residential projects recently completed. It was a simple 12’ long passage where I had planted these 5 light points for hanging lights. While designing and execution my clients believed this was the underdog part of the house ,and perhaps a deliberate attempt of mine to highlight the other beautiful elements all over the house . But for me beauty of design is not to underplay a certain element to highlight the others , it is to create a beautiful play of design such that each design element compliments the beauty of every other art piece in the space.

My idea while creating this passage was to create a beautiful canvas of light reflections on the ceiling , and after a tedious search I found these lights , The cuts of which caught my attention and I just knew these otherwise simple looking black lights were the magical touch to the otherwise presumed (by my clients ) underdog part of their house.

Such is the effect of lights , self sufficient to turn an underdog into THE HERO!

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