Add that BLUSH to your decor!

Blush pink | Powder pink | Rose Pink | Lemonade Pink …These subdued shades of pink always catch my attention and how! I have been crushing over this colour palette since quite some time now. While I have been trying to include this gorgeous colour in my ongoing interior projects , I thought Why not give you all a few tips and ways to use it effortlessly in your homes too!

Gorgeous looks, soft touch , soothing feels and a classy chic vibe….have this colour as a part of your décor and you shall nail all of the above ! Have listed down a few ways to show you how! Read on….

  • The Walls!

A blush pink or a lemonade pink on one of your backdrop walls can easily bring out a rather cool, cosy and classy vibe to the décor. Pairing it up with a contrasting shade in the furniture ; for eg – deep green , electric blue , pure black or even a wine shade shall add to the character and become a conversation starter for any room! On the other hand pairing up the wall with the same shade on the furniture too brings out a seamless , smooth look which is sure to make a stylish statement of its own!

  • Go Grab your (Pink) Seat!

That uber chic , classy , super stylish , bold yet warm vibe is not complete without a BLUSH PINK SOFA! Use it as your main , or an accent chair …pair it up with shades of pink itself and other monochromes , or a contrasting bold colour ….have a beautiful piece of art behind it, or a solid colour blocking on the backdrop wall…..use it as a blush to your all-white décor, or pair it up with bold patterns , colours and lots of natural greens ….this one colour has versatile vibes that can seldom go wrong! And I am totally, all into it..

  • Walk-ins and Bathroom!

Its time to come out of the standard whites , greys , and other neutrals when it comes to walk-ins and bathrooms. Experiment with some fresh and pretty colours and feel these spaces smiling at you every time you walk in (pun intended 😉) The beauty of this colour is that it can be effortlessly paired with a pattern and also a marble finish … a grey tile and also other cool colours like an ice blue or pale yellow! Black and white tiles with shades of pink tiles makes for a rather stylish combination!

Hope this write up and illustrations were helpful to you all. Write down below In the comments section , if you want to know something more or the topics you would like to read about. Till then keep shining and dreaming and decorating your rooms with love and laughter!

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