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Monsoon Makeover!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Its rains and rains here in India . With the freshness and cool breeze washing over us , it makes for a great time to bring about a new and fresh vibe to our homes as well. Use of colours smartly in any décor can either make or break the look and vibe. Hence selecting the right colours and using them well play an important role to bring out the desired change for your homes. Making it super simple for you, I have listed down the best 5 Colour schemes that are vibrant , fresh and everything happy and also 5 ways you could implement them in your décor effortlessly!

Pastel and Cool Colours

Deep Shades

Colour Pop with Vibrant Colours

Bold & Elegant

Natural Colour Tones



Having monochrome sofas and beds is not bad afterall. You get to play around with the décor a lot more freely …thanks to Cushions! Whether yours is a beige , black , coffee brown, red , blue or any colour sofa/bed at all, know this that cushions can instantly liven up any boring living and bedroom arrangement ! Go funky , do some colour blocking , use contrasting or complementing colours …the cushions are sure to do their thing. They not only add some necessary drama but also a soft and homely touch to the vibe and décor !


We either tend to undermine or overdo the walls most of the time. The key here is to keep it balanced and rather create focal points then going all over or none at all! Adding a fresh colour to one of the walls behind either a sofa / bed / dining table , while maintaining neutrals for the remaining walls adds the necessary depth and cosy feel to any décor. Go for deep or cool colours like greys , ice blue , yellow ochre etc to add freshness! You could also experiment with 3d wall art created in paint . Either abstract or geometric , nature inspired or patterns ….all play their trick by transforming completely the language of your interiors.


Adding or changing a floor rug , dhuri is another quick , easy and affordable way to add a fresh feel to your space. Go for some interesting patterns , or shades of colours to create a good play of design on the floor. One could use floor rugs or carpets in the centre of a seating arrangement in a living room , below an accent chair in a cosy seating corner or next to the bed. If you have a rather monochrome colour scheme going on all over the seating , then pick some interesting colour fusions , prints or patterns that could add versatility to the décor .. On the other hand if the furniture and its design/ colours already draw all the attention , chose single shade or subtle and more calming rugs to go on the floor to balance out the whole look


Have just done up your house or you are a kind who does not prefer to experiment much or already happy with the look of your house but want to add the fresh and personal touch to your space ? Then here is a perfect fix for you! Think of the smaller yet significant changes like adding a beautiful artifact in that corner by the table , or an attractive tall vase with some greens by the entrance or simply some scented candles and table top vases spread across your room! These elements complete the look for a picture perfect and cosy home ,one you can call your own.


Changing the soft furnishings are a sure way of uplifting the vibe of your homes! Very little attention is given to the curtains that adorn a considerable area of the walls in homes. While wanting a transformation or a fresh vibe for your homes , know that simply changing the curtains can make a world of a difference to the vibe and feel all over your space!

Hope this write up and illustrations were helpful to you all. Write down below In the comments section , if you want to know something more or the topics you would like to read about. Till then keep shining and dreaming and decorating your rooms with love and laughter!

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